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Origin: Oriental   Shape: Bowl   Material: Bronze
Location: Stewart and Smith Collectibles, Medford, OR
Description: The patina on the body is just gorgeous, and there is a scene with water & rocks on one side, and water on the other. The little bird sits atop her nest of sticks, which forms the lid of the burner. Measures 3 1/2" wide, and 3 3/4" to the top of the birds head.
Item # 47

Shape: Animal : Chicken   Material: Copper
Location: Private (Hope and Mark Chudy)
Description: The overall height is 4” (10.2 cm); overall width is 5-1/8” (13 cm) at the widest
Item # 214   

Shape: Pot : Foo Dog/Komainu   Material: Soapstone
Location: Private (Chris Hook)
Description: I think it is soapstone and is missing two handles maybe they were metal or wood? It is about 7 inches high and has a small chip on the liondog`s tail.
Item # 215   

Shape: Box : Foo Dog/Komainu   Material: Iron
Location: Private (Rhonda)
Description: Thin metal pieces attached to the lid perhaps to hang up the incense (spiral ?) There is a drawer perhaps to store the incense.
Item # 216   

Shape: Oil Lamp : Human   Material: Brass
Location: Private (Vincent Evans)
Description: On the stand is a young boy in what seems to be period clothing wearing what looks like burning coals on his head. Above this is the oil lamp with 3 spouts.It has a tall bulbous lid. On top of this is a triangular plate supporting a bucket,a bell and what could be a talon,each on a chain. Above this is what i believe to be a waft plate. Finally, there is the handle. The Oil Lamp is 38cm in height and can be dismantled easily for cleaning.
Item # 217   

Origin: India   Shape: Animal : Lion   Material: Brass
Location: Private (Gaynor & Ross Evans)
Description: The lion measurements are approx lenght 11.5cm by 12.9cm high and width 5.0cm. May be from Southern India Visagapatam
Item # 218   

Shape: Animal : Peacock   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Kristi Doll)
Description: This antique bronze peacock incense burner stands 12 inches tall, and the back of the peacock has a helmet like back that fits perfectly on. It is hand painted and has extrodinary detail
Item # 219   

Shape: Pot : Foo Dog/Komainu   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Tony)
Description: The approximate dimensions are: Height to top of lid 170mm; Max. width of bowl 63mm. (inline with handles). Min. width of bowl 60mm (90deg to handles). Depth of bowl (without top or legs) 79mm. Width across handles 90mm.
Item # 221   

Origin: Asia   Shape: Pipe   Material: Brass
Location: Private (SAM)
Description: Ceremonial (?) incense burner
made of brass but the patina is probably painted. Not aged. The dimensions are 50 cm x 18 cm
see items# 284, 335, 833 for reference
Item # 222   

Origin: Asia   Shape: Pot   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Tracy Simituk)
Description: There is a light green patina over Burner, it measure approx. 5 1/2 inches in height by 4 inches in width. It burns cones or sticks.
Item # 223   

Origin: Oriental   Shape: Cart : Horse   Material: Metal
Location: Private (Carol Moore)
Description: Carriage drawn by 2 horses, made of some kind of metal, maybe pot metal, looks to be silver plated, very shiny silver color. 6.5" long, 6" high, Has peacock over each wheel, peacock on seat, & one on top of a hinged lid on a shallow bowl. Bowl is 2.5"across, 1" deepest part, heavy for it`s size 1.5-2# No markings at all. No other pieces with it.
Item # 224   

Origin: Japan   Shape: Pot   Material: Porcelain
Location: Private (Julie V. Yap)
Description: This (Japanese ?) burner is about 2 inches high without the lid, 3 1/4 inches with the lid, approximately 10 1/2 inches around at the widest point.
Item # 225   

Origin: Morocco   Shape: Column   Material: Brass
Location: Private (Sean Ilnseher)
Description: This (Moroccan ?) incense burner is about 5 foot 6 inches tall and made of brass.
Item # 226   

Origin: China   Shape: Animal : Foo Dog/Komainu   Material: Bronze
Location: Private (Alejandra Weigle)
Description: This chinese burner has 20 cm. high x 15 cm. wide, it is of bronze.
Item # 227   

Shape: Bowl   Material: Copper
Location: Private (hummerkimi)
Description: The item is approximiatellly 3 inches tall, made of copper, and from Russia or Greece.the bowl is covered with a blackened paint or lead covering. It weighs about1.5 lbs. It was bought in the 40's or 50's.The center of the bowl (inside) there is a sharp point as if there may have been something attached
Item # 228   

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