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Origin: Morocco   Incense: Cone   Shape: Dome   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Private (JJD)
Description: Height: 12cm, Diameter: 10cm. The top is removable for placing incense cones inside.
Item # 165   

Origin: Morocco   Incense: Oil   Shape: Aroma Lamp   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   
Description: Brûleur de parfum de terre ciselée- hauteur 8cm
Item # 166

Origin: Morocco   Incense: Stick   Shape: Box   Material: Wood
Period: 2000   Location: Private (JJD)
Description: Wood Ashcatcher. Size 35 x 5 x 5 cm, Space for spare sticks. Decorated with brass incrustations
Item # 179   

Origin: Turkey   Shape: Brazier   Material: Copper
Period: 2000   Location: - Fashion and Decoration
Description: Incense burner, height = 132 cm
Item # 402

Origin: Oriental   Material: Metal
Period: 2000   Location: Islamic Emporium
Description: Electric Bakhur Burner. Electric Burner come with regulator where you can adjust the temperature as per your requirement.
Item # 429

Origin: Syria   Shape: Bowl   Material: Wood
Period: 1989   Location: Private (Waleed Soliman)
Description: This wooden Burner was in my family for a long time my dad got it from Syria there are few scratch marks on the wood, the chalice itself is decorated with engraved Brass Band, inside the chalice there is Brass Bowl that fits on its Top for the charcoal and a lid. 5 inches in hight (12.5 cm).
Item # 445 

Origin: Syria   Shape: Pod   Material: Brass
Period: 1995   Location: Private (Waleed Soliman)
Description: This one is made from light Brass, in a Good condition, decorated with simple Arabic Style Patterns, also contains a bowl and a lid and a Domed shape cover nearly 7 Inches (18 cm) from bottom to the top.
Item # 446 

Origin: Sultanate of Oman   Material: Ceramic
Description: The famous Oman Frankincense is burning in a traditional Salalah Makhbarah, omani incense burner. The incense resin comes from Boswellia Sacra trees.
Item # 804

Origin: Morocco   Shape: Dome   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Ceramic shop, Sidi Bibi, Morocco   (photo by: JJD)
Description: Numerous colored ceramic incense burner on sale in this shop.
Item # 847   

Origin: Morocco   Shape: Pod   Material: Ceramic
Period: 2000   Location: Private (JJD)
Description: Incense burner, 20 cm high, bought in a Ceramic shop, Sidi Bibi, Morocco
Item # 848   

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