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In this section, we are displaying artworks (paintings, sculpture..) with incense burners. Please enjoy !
A new section 'Literature' will list novels and stories with incense burners...
A new section 'Movies' will list films and TV series with incense burners in the scenery or in the title.

Miscellaneous Artworks and Objects
Photographs, Postcards, Stamps, Advertisements, Objects...
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Courret Hermanos
Woman holding incense burner in Peru (1868)
Photograph shows portrait of young, well dressed black woman holding an ornate handled plate with an incense burner shaped like a turkey.
Item # 215
Library of congress

Eleanor Bone (1911-2001)
Eleanor Bone with incense burner (2000)
Here, she is leading a ceremony, many accessories are present, including an incense burner
Eleanor "Ray" Bone who also went under the craft name Artemis, was an influential figure in the neopagan religion of Wicca.
Item # 219

Incense Burner Tee Shirt
Item # 37

Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004)
Incense in Madrid (1953)
The priest steps up to bring the Blessed Sacrament to an ill person during a procession, accompanied by military music near the Puerta del Sol.
Item # 164
Henri Cartier-Bresson

Louis Fleckenstein (1866-1943)
Costumed Woman Holding a Glass Incense Burner (1940)
Gelatin silver photograph
Item # 216
Getty Museum Collection

Marguerite Kirmse (1885-1954)
Ladies Home Journal Cover (1925)
Vol 42 Issue 3 (March 1925)
Two dogs are looking at an old brass incense burner with a dog figure on the lid.
Item # 217
Internet Archive
Marguerite Kirmse

Stamp : Incense burner (1985)
Item # 104

Cylinder seal (Middle Assyrian)
Mottled white-grey and grey chalcedony cylinder seal; a man with a pointed beard has his left hand extended towards the flame of an incense burner.
A cylinder seal is a small round cylinder, engraved with written characters or figurative scenes, used in ancient times to roll an impression onto a two-dimensional surface, generally wet clay.
Item # 224
British Museum
Cylinder seal

OldYuenKee Firecracker Package
(contributed by Hal Kantrud)
Item # 76  

Old Man by Incense Burner
(contributed by Hal Kantrud)
Top characters : 'Old Gentleman trademark' made by Hong Kpng Fung Kut Hing, Firecracker and grocery, Nam Cheong Street, Shum Shui Po, Kowloon, China.
Small characters on left : Our shop self_make full tin, large and small longevity gold, various gold and silver, two nine tin paper, upper class famous josses, ingots of silver, candles of dragon and phoenix,fireworks and firecrackers retail and wholesale.
Item # 78  

OldYuenKee Firecracker Package
(contributed by Hal Kantrud)
Item # 79  

Gigantic bronze censer in the enclosure of a pagoda (1930)
Posrcard published by 'il pontificio istituto delle missioni estere', Milano, Italy
Item # 88  

A woman poses with her maid near a bronze incense burner in Beijing (1869)
old Photograph (unknown origin)
Item # 218  

Stamp : Brule-parfum (1963)
Item # 103  

Massacres d'Armenie : Pillage du monastere de Hassankale (19th)
Musée des civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranee, Paris
Advertisement card published by Romanet, editeur
Item # 125
Musée des civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranee

Volutines Perfume Label (1910)
Paris, France
Item # 134  

Nude woman with Incense burner (1910)
French nude woman with Incense burner, postcard
Item # 209  

Advertisement JED ROBJ incense burner (1921)
Brule parfums electriques, made by JED ROBJ (founded in 1908 by Jean Born)
Item # 226
ROBJ info

Charcoal briquettes (1970)
Box of charcoal briquettes. Circular briquettes are wrapped in sets of five in foiled paper. Box with illustration of three briquettes and a picture of a Yemeni incense burner. Used for burning frankincense in Yemeni and other Middle Eastern incense burners.
Item # 223
British Museum

Stamp : The Mother of God (1996)
Item # 26  

[South America]
Liebig trade card : Marcus Cocceius Nerva at the Capitolium (1871-1975)
Emperor Nerva making an offering of incense on the Capitoline Hill, Rome.
The Liebig collection is one of the largest trade cards collections.They cover real themes, from nature to history, from art to science and from religion to theatre..
Item # 232
Liebig collection

Trading card (1800)
Trade card of Buzzard, papermaker & hanger, London; text on monument at the centre, with incense burner above, a woman to the right seated in profile to the left drawing, another standing to the left holding four candles.
Item # 222
British Museum

The Sin of Nadab and Abihu (1907)
Illustration from a Bible card published by Providence Lithograph.
Item # 115  

Altar Boy With Incense Burner Postcard (1900)
Part of the Easter Lily series, this card is embossed and features a young altar boy swinging an incense burner.
Item # 208  

A happy new year (1910)
Print shows Moses and Aaron. Moses holds the Ten Commandment tablets, Aaron an incense burner.
Postcard published by Hebrew Publishing Co.
Item # 225
Library of Congress

Cover from Mystic Magazine (1931)
Mystic Magazine dealt with the occult: numerology, astrology, fortune telling, etc. The magazine lasted from November 1930 to March 1931. I was published by Fawcett Publications.
Item # 233
Fawcett Publications

Escorte Royale, Porte Encensoir, Porte Eventail et Porte Parapluie
Colorized postcard and the original black and white picture.
Item # 83